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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a form of natural healing which has been practiced for centuries. It is based upon the principle that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands, also known as nerve endings, which relate to every gland, organ, and part of the body. The practitioner applies pressure with thumb and fingers to these reflex points. It gently and effectively maintains health while building up the body's immunity and resistance to disease.

It is an excellent antidote to stress and therefore eases stress related conditions.  Relaxation is pre-requisite for health. Reflexology is capable of inducing the alpha state of relaxation, which clears the mind and opens it to tranquility. It is the most serene level at which healing can effectively take place.

Reflexology is recognized as a body-based method by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). It is currently being used in many U.S. hospitals, hospices and Cancer centers to improve the quality of life, provide pain management and relief of symptoms of Cancer treatments.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat for a specific condition. If you have a health problem, you should always consult your physician before having reflexology.

How does Reflexology work?

We all start life with the potential for good health. Most illness is the result of improper maintenance of the body. This imbalance creates a buildup of toxins in the body, which inhibits the the flow of energy (Chi) essential to our well being. It is believed that over 80% of doctor visits are due to stress related symptoms. Reflexology relaxes the body, improves blood supply and nerve function to the organs and glands and releases a flow of energy. The body releases endorphins, its natural painkillers. Reflexology encourages the body's own healing powers to take over and to restore balance (homeostasis).

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Relaxes the body

Improves circulation

Relieves pain

Strengthens the immune system

Cleanses the body of toxins

Revitalizes energy

Promotes restful sleep

Provides nurturing touch

Reactions during a Session:

Sensitivity in reflex areas of the feet

Sweating in palms of hands or soles of feet

Twitching or tingling in feet or body

Feeling fatigued or a desire to sleep

Sense of energy moving through the body

Emotional release (crying or laughter)

How will I feel after a Reflexology session?

Most people say they are more relaxed, yet energized, and their feet feel lighter.  It's possible to experience some cleansing of toxins through the excretory system within 24 to 48 hours following a session. Drinking plenty of purified water will aid in the detoxifying process.

Reactions after a Session:

Release of toxins through excretory systems

Increased urination / perspiration or vaginal discharge

Loose, more bulky stools

Feeling of well-being and vitality

Restful sleep / vivid dreams

Symptoms may get worse before they improve

Who can use Reflexology?

The beauty of Reflexology is that it is safe for almost everyone. Elderly and children can benefit from Reflexology. Your therapist will discuss your concerns and recommend the best course of therapy to meet your individual health goals. As a rule, a lighter touch and shorter session are used for children, elderly, or frail persons.

There are some contraindications where Reflexology should not be used.

Infectious illness

Trauma to the feet (hands can be worked on if feet are compromised)

Deep vein thrombosis - severe edema

History of miscarriage (due to the cleansing effect of Reflexology)

Error on the side of caution, if in doubt

How often should I have Reflexology?

From my experience, regular sessions yield the greatest cumulative benefits. Frequency of visits and length of sessions depends on age, condition, and health goals of each client. For most people, I suggest once a week for chronic conditions, reducing to bi-weekly, then monthly as conditions improve. Monthly visits can strengthen your immune system and help maintain your health. For elderly, children, or very ill, we suggest shorter sessions of 20 to 30 minutes.

Reflexology foot massage  - 60 minutes $75.00       Special: $198.00 for six Reflexology foot Massage

Reflexology hand massage - 60 minutes  $75.00

Reflexology Pedicure -75 minutes; includes clipping, filing and reshaping of the nails, cuticle care, foot file, exfoliating scrub, reflexology foot treatment.  $90.00

Reflexology Manicure -60 minutes; includes clipping, filing and reshaping of the nails, cuticle care,  exfoliating scrub, reflexology hand treatment.  $70.00

Reflexology Foot Massage  Combine With LED Light Therapy Facial

This facials will refresh your skin with aromatherapy, cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toning and moisturizing then, in just 30 minutes, beams of LED light work to minimize the appearance of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, hyper-pigmentation and uneven texture while repairing tissue and promoting circulation.

(75 Minutes) $155.00

Reflexology Treatment Package (Usually more than one treatment is needed to obtain optimum result) Buy 5 get one FREE

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