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Permanent Makeup is the art of implanting color into the dermal layer of the skin with pigments specially formulated for the face.  This practice enhances ones natural beauty and can accentuate the eyes and lips.


Many people can benefit from permanent cosmetics!  Permanent makeup can hide imperfections in eyebrows and lips, giving them a more symmetrical look.  Additionally, permanent makeup is perfect for a person that suffers from alopecia and vitiligo.

People with mobility and physical limitations will find permanent makeup makes their daily routine less stressful.  Athletes and active people will no longer have to worry about their makeup smearing, smudging or running.  Experience the freedom that permanent cosmetics offer!!


Combo Brows Tatooing

Eyebrow microblading + powder effect (micro shading) - this treatment combines both manual microblading techniques as well as powder effect (micro shading). The microblading gives dimension, while the shading gives definition and density. It is ideal for people who have no natural eyebrows and those who simply want to add more definition to their brows. This service may need two appointments. $300.00

Ombre Powder Brows/Full Powder Brows (Costmetic Tattooing) 

This technique is more advanced than traditionally tattooed brows. The technique is described by its name – the results are more powdery and fluffy with a faded front and a crisp tail. For a stunning look, opt for our ombre powder technique. Or choose full powder brows if you prefer your brows to be defined by a bolder more dramatic style. $300.00


EYEBROWS - Eyebrows frame the face and show expression.  Permanent cosmetics can hide imperfections and provide symmetry.  Eyebrows that are thin or sparse can be filled in and appear natural looking. $245.00

Brow Touch-Up (Costmetic Tatooing) 

These brow touch-up sessions are for those who have had all previous work done.

 2-6 months: 

$150 7-12 months: 

$175 13-18 months: 

$245 After 18 months: Full Price $245

Both Top and Bottom Eyeliner

Two lines are created. One on top of the eyelid above the lash line, and the lower lash line is styled to your liking. We do not go corner to corner. This can cause the ink to migrate into the capillaries around your eyes. $250.00

Eyeliner Touch-Up

*These eyeliner touch-up sessions are for those who have had all previous work done.

Description:*These eyeliner touch-up sessions are for those who have had all previous work done.

2-6 months: $100 

7-12 months: $165 

13-18 months: $185 

After 18 months: Full Price $245 

Lip Liner

Define the line of your lips. Can also correct an uneven lip line. $245.00

Full Lip Color 

Available in a variety of colors, from nude to bright red. The perfect way to enhance your pout, giving your lips shape 

and definition. $300.00

Lip Touch-Up

BEAUTY MARK - Beauty marks are chic and sexy.  Additionally they can be applied to hide tiny scars and imperfections or enhance and balance your natural facial features. Cost $80

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