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We are so excited to see our Clients back. There will be new guidelines for scheduling an appointment but we are feeling very blessed.

Here are Safety Policy and Procedure:

To ensure the highest level of health and safety for our clients and staff we are strictly following the Coved-19 guideline. Please read prior to scheduling your appointment.

  •  All off our services by Appointment Only.
  1. Clients will be contacted the day before to verify that they have not been directly exposed to Covid-19 or had symptoms such as cough, runny nose, or fever in the last two weeks. Clients will be rescheduled with no penalty if any of these are confirmed.
  2. BYOM - Clients will be asked to bring a mask to their appointment for staff and public safety.
  3. Clients may not bring any guests or children to their appointment.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be given to all clients and staff upon entering the premises and between all clients.
  5. All staff will wear masks while actively seeking or serving clients.
  6. All pens etc. Will be sanitized after each use.
  7. Waiting area will be closes - please arrived on-time, wait in your car until the time of your appointment and you receive a text or call from your provider to enter the clinic.
  8. Staff will Sani wipe touched surfaces, including but not limited door handles, counters, sink handles, chairs, keyboards, clipboards. etc.
  9. An additional 10 minutes will be given between every appointment to allow for the treatment rooms and chairs to be aggressively sanitized by staff after each appointment.
  10. All staff having physical contact with a client shall wear clean gloves
  11. All off our services by Appointment Only