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Laser toenail fungus treatment is a safe, effective, and low-pain procedure that takes only a few minutes. Oregon Laser & Wellness Center offers a premium experience with a relaxing, private Clinic environment and certified technicians using the most advanced and up-to-date technology.

Why does laser treatment work for Nail Fungus?

Nd:YAG laser which is perfectly designed for treating toenail fungus. In 0.65msec, pulses of high powered laser energy passes through the nail (nail plate) to the nail bed and nail growth area, killing the fungus instantaneously.

The laser energy works to very quickly heat and kill the dermatophytes that make up toenail fungus. No visible change will be seen immediately, but as the nail grows out over 3-6 months, the patient will begin to see a clear nail. The toenail in particular grows rather slowly, so for the full nail to grow out often takes 6-12 months.

Why does the laser treatment feel like?

In most cases, patients may feel slight warming or pressure during the laser toenail fungus treatment procedure and with little pain. Also, as the laser light hits the nail plate, it may create a harmless “snapping” sound. Every patient at our clinic has been able to complete the procedure easily without anesthesia or numbing agents.

If you are concerned about the sensation of the treatment, talk to your laser technician about your concerns. We can perform a test spot on your nail so that you can feel the sensation before we proceed.

What does it feel like after Nail Fungus treatment?

You will not feel pain or anything unusual after the treatment is complete, and all normal activities can be resumed immediately. Your treatment provider will discuss aftercare instructions for you to achieve optimal results and prevent reinfection.

How long does the treatment for Nail Fungus last?

Appointments – including the consultation –take less than 30 minutes. During the free consultation, our expert technician will explain to you the benefits of laser treatment of toenail fungus. We will assess the severity of infection, discuss your treatment history, and explain the procedure. We also provide detailed information about what to do to prevent reinfection of toenail fungus.

Our advanced laser system is exceptionally fast, so laser treatments are completed in mere minutes. The duration of the procedure varies based on the severity of the condition and the size of the toenails. After the procedure, we will apply an antifungal solution to your feet and sterilize your shoes.

What are the success rates for Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

Result show that in most cases, treated patients show substantial improvement, and in in most cases report being completely cured of toenail fungus all together. Many patients only need 1 or 2 treatment. Some need more if they have severe cased of toenail fungus. We make sure you are cured of your toenail fungus.

Is it safe to paint my nails after Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

It is important to remove all toenail polish before the laser treatment, but yes, you can paint your toenails immediately after the procedure. It is best to use a new bottle of polish so there is no risk of fungal re-infection.